Games for LAN play?

So, I live in a dorm now with a few other students. We'd like to play a game together on our personal laptops, but we don't know which ones would be good to play.

1. No internet access required.
2. 2-16 players or more. Multiplayer-only games are OK, but single player would be nice too.
3. Mainstream games are fine, but if you know of any indie games, that would be even better.
4. It doesn't have to be new. In fact, from 1990-2008 would be just fine.
5. Most of all, it has to be fun to play.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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A-Nony-Mus6 years ago
Marathon, all three of them. They are fun (and hard) in single player, but are more fun in multiplayer. Best of all, it's free and will run on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. You can find the link to the games as well as the engine to run them here:
Tomcat94 (author)  A-Nony-Mus6 years ago
This will definitely be worth checking out! Thanks! We've tried out ZDoom and Quake, which have both been a blast to play, so this will be a great addition. :)

If you have any more you can think of, feel free to post them!
DJ Radio6 years ago
I'd recommend Halo PC the most. Multiplayer on that game works well when it's done over LAN. Other ones that look cool to play on LAN are counter-strike or maybe TF2.
artifeffe6 years ago
check out 0ad for a nice free software single-multiplayer real time strategy game
and bzflag as a fast-paced old school multiplayer fps
goto this website -

on it there is a game called assault cube portable, this is a fps game, which I THINK, allows you to use lan play, otherwise, invest in a router.
Well I know that the Halo series (on PC) lets you do it. Other than that I don't know.
I don't 'LAN IT UP' all the time