Gas or Battery

I want to buy a R/C car but can't choose between nitro powered or battery powered anyone that can help me?

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GofishRC0075 years ago
I have a Traxxas slash 1/16 VXL short course truck and It's a lot of fun but its a mini so it flips often, a 1/5 Truck from team associated would be cool and its gas, but its huge and cost a lot. Also 1/10 scales are awesome, they flip less than the 1/16 but are less expensive than 1/5 and they come in gas and electric.I would go with electric. If you want a drift car I recommend a 1/10 or 1/16. A nitro would be sweet but would cost more than electric.For drift cars go with nitro.A rock crawler is a awesome car that can climb rocks, logs, hills and anything else. hey come in many sizes from 1/36 to 1/5 and are mostly electric. If you have a straightaway and want something fast dragsters are the way to go. They are usually 1/4 scale and gas but I've seen 1/10 electrics, but this is also very expensive and you need lots of time, money, and space. What car you get whether on-road or off-road, cheap or expensive, nitro or gas, Dragster or Drift car depends on your budget, time, and space. Research it, get opinions and test drive a few and find out what you want. Hope this helps.
lemonie8 years ago
Electric is simple and tends to be much cheaper. Gas is a bit more complex and tends to be more expensive - but you've got a better power-to weight ratio, & you refuel rather than recharge. What sounds like your thing / budget? L
Aron313 lemonie5 years ago
Haha doesnt seem to matter if its more expensive in paintball haha!
finnrambo8 years ago
 get nitro  Ive had brushless and lipos before but they are so boring and just say you cant see your car you can find it from the engine noise also electrics have this ozone smell that is so bad compared to exhaust get a nitro and steer clear exceed rc those things have painful performance
hey!!!!!! i have a exceed rc mad beast and it is a very good truck, but i have to say the only good cars exceed makes are the ones with "mad" in their name.
true worth their money but just get a traxxas,hpi, or losi there really nice and completely worth their price
Agreed i have 2 hpi!
i would have gotten a name brand, but i am such a noob, exceed was everywhere so it seemed like a name brand company. i ordered a mad beast. then i started to watch vids. all the comments said "cheap knock off" i was like " crap, i got a cheap truck." i watched more vids. in one, it is clearly visible to see they kept the glow thing on the engine. then i was like "great, it really is a peice of crap" i drove it, the engine never stalled. nothing broke, and i dont sissy drive it either. i do plan yo get a baja 5b next. do you know if a kings motor is more fragile than a 5b? are they both durable? i want to get one, but i dont know wich.
 just get the 5b everyone seems to love it although a 5t is nicer
um i dont have the money for a 5t.
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