Gears guns, anyone?

Okay, we need from Gears of War still: Boltok Lancer A SMALLER Snub Hammerburst MULCHER Mortar Try them out, guys.

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torin128 years ago
ive made the boltok and the lancer is still in creation ill post them some time maybe hes pictures of the boltok
DrWeird117 (author)  torin128 years ago
Is that even K'Nex?
oh i didnt know you were talking about knex
DrWeird117 (author)  torin128 years ago
Still looks AWESOME.
DJ Radio8 years ago
Bakenbitz and DGM made a lancer, neither of them posted their lancers.
torin128 years ago
its sweet
Der Bradly8 years ago
The Lancer.... Is In The Making!
DrWeird117 (author)  Der Bradly8 years ago
Gentlemen...BEHOLD! THE LANCER!!! Post when you're done, of course.
Yeah, I am done with the Chain and the frame so the Barrel is next.
Make a mortar. Sprays splodies in the air then they rain down from above.
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