We are LIVE!!! - Knex Flux - General purpose Knex forum

Knex Flux is live now, you can visit it here: http://knexflux.net

So, I randomly had that idea and Sandro likes it too and stuff, so yeah,
is there any demand for a general-purpose knex forum uniting all the parts of the knex community under one hood? Of course such a forum would need people who actually use it, thus me asking if it would be used ^.^
I could do the hosting, I know my way around such stuff :)

This would be in particular good for sharing progress, which isn't really possible on instructables, sharing small projects you don't think are worth a whole new instructable, helping others out and of course all just having a fun time together!

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Sorunome (author) 1 year ago

Knex Flux is public now, you can find it by following this link: http://knexflux.net!

I tried to join knex flux and it wouldn't send me the email. Please help!

Sorunome (author)  random_builder8 months ago

Did you try checking your spam folder?

How do you find your spam folder? I know what it is, but I can't find it. I use outlook for my email.

Sorunome (author)  random_builder8 months ago

I think that is about an older version of outlook. I checked the delete and the junk folders and it is not there.

Sorunome (author)  random_builder8 months ago

Would you mind trying to re-send the email here? https://knexflux.net/activate

I'm so sorry for the inconvenience D:

I just tried that and it said that the email was already used. I tried to login and it said that it emailed me a code, but it doesn't send it.

Sorunome (author)  random_builder8 months ago

I have to look into this.....in the mean time I went ahead and activated your account manually :)

Kona-chan1 year ago

I'm thinking about joininh knex flux

but the thought of my IP being recorded holds me back big time

I'm a big fan of what little privacy I have left and that is just too much for me

maybe I'll join as a guest tho :/

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