George Orwell is a genius

I haven't finished it yet (40 pages to go) but from reading 1984...I have discovered just how amazing he is...for those of you who have read it, [part 3 of] 1984 is to me as the book is to Winston. If you haven't read the book, read the spark notes of sections 1 and 2, then read section 3.

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Red Brass10 years ago
Understand Jessyratfink who is looking for literature not information. 'S ok. Read 1984 and Animal Farm summer 1950. Wow! But really wanted to trust people. A 1985 divorce cured that. Orwell had it right. And so did Gilbert and Sullivan.
jessyratfink10 years ago
You guys aren't going to like me anymore... but I must confess. I HATE 1984. And it's not just that it's rubbed me wrong in a high school English class. I've read it three times now. I don't like any of the characters. I thought the overall idea was good, and very interesting, but I seriously hated every character in the book... there was nothing to hold my attention. I'm the same way with Clockwork Orange. I realize the statements both books are making, and I want to like them, but I just can't! Lord of the Flies > Clockwork Orange > 1984 :)
Lord of the Flies was bad too XP (Thats a disgusted face, in this case, not a laughing one) Also, any book they make you read is going to suck, just because you're going to go over every last detail. Best thing to do is get a list of books you'll read that year, and read them all before hand (or at least the good ones)
LotF was pretty good, in my opinion. I heard they made a movie out of it. Is this true?
Lord of the Flies rocks
and its (>_<)
1984 isn't meant to be a nice place. But, you hated Winston, what did he do to engender this? ('hate' as opposed to 'didn't like') L
He is quite possibly one of the most annoying characters I've ever had the honor of meeting. He's cowardly and his feelings towards other people can be absolutely revolting. He's so stuck in his own head and all he does is mess things up and act awkwardly for the entire book. I never say anything in him that I would describe as admirable. I realize that he is a product of his society, but I suppose I was hoping for more when it came to the hero of the book. I was hoping for some change in his demeanor, some flicker of hope... something, anything! And yet it was just the same feelings of despair and angst through the entire book. Just thinking about it makes me disgruntled. :P I really do like the whole idea of the book though - I love the way Orwell created his government, I love the propaganda, how the society is set up - I find all of that very interesting. I just think Orwell made terrible character choices. But I do plan on trying Animal Farm and seeing if I like that one. :)
Haven't read it (only bits) saw a film version once. I suppose I should read some of these things, thanks for the insight. I would suggest that the whole thing is meant to be desperate and angst ridden, I believe he was quite ill & miserable while writing it... L
Weissensteinburg (author)  lemonie10 years ago
That's because 1984 is a place.
Did you mean "isn't" rather then "is a place" ? ;-)
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