Get ready! The MacGyver Contest is starting soon.

MacGyverism - The use of objects in ways not initially intended to solve seemingly impossible problems.

Too young to remember MacGyver? Check out the wikipedia page. :D

Now is the time to feather your mullet and put on your thinking cap made from bottle caps, yarn, aluminum foil, and chewing gum. We'd like to see you solve a real problem with what you've got on hand. Remember, MacGyver made stuff out of necessity, not just because he could. We're looking for the most ingenious solutions to problems you face in your everyday life.

Contest will be open March 18th through April 29th - we can't wait to see your clever solutions! You could win an Ultimate MacGyver Escape Pack - and you know you want some sweet sunglasses and a bomber jacket.

Click here to see the contest page and learn more about it.

Make sure not to publish your entries before the 18th - if you do they'll be ineligible.

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PitStoP3 years ago
This is cool.. I always watched Macgyver when I was a kid... Loved it!
MacGyver has been on repeats for the last year in Australia it only just stopped airing in favour of Star Trek Voyager.....oh it's on now..
What happened to the Macgyver contest? jury-rig contest is just not the same, those damn copyright Nazis strike again!
I thought the word had entered the English language, so that there'd be no issue about trademarking.
This is awesome! Now I can put up my ible on witness-tampering and duct tape badgering.
B_qwerty3 years ago
Im an Indian living in Bahrain, which is in the Middle East.
Can I join this contest?
I have some really great ideas
mclaw B_qwerty3 years ago
me too i got fantasitc ideas
You can read about the updates to eligible countries here
mclaw3 years ago
man ur program program rocks even though it is vintage
Mr.Sanchez3 years ago
Awsesome Gear !!! Thinking caps on :Mac Gyver mode.Tools up !!!I´ll look cool in that outfit.
I can't McGiver anything-but I once climbed down a sewer to rescue my little boy's wallet. Can not wait to see the entries. I know they will be spectacular!
vanweb3 years ago
But why do the contest rules say the instructable must be "puppet-related"???

"To enter, simply submit a puppet-related Step-by-Step, Photo, or Video instructable."
jessyratfink (author)  vanweb3 years ago
Whoops! I didn't catch it there. That was a copy/paste error I had fixed in all the other places. :P

Let me fix it.
Do we get bonus points if we make a video of a MacGyver puppet using the "device we build"? lol :-)
jessyratfink (author)  vanweb3 years ago
If I get some spare time I promise to get my hair cut only at the front and sides for a project in this vein
jessyratfink (author)  killerjackalope3 years ago
please please please!
Mrballeng3 years ago
I can already hear the theme music. This is awesome!
kelseymh3 years ago
I'm definitely going to have to mullet over....