Get rid of the SIGN UP pop-up

Nowadays many sites do this very horrible thing that is really annoying to the point I just want to throw my monitor out the window or beat the crap out of my monitor with my keyboard over and over.

When you go to a site, like this one, you are reading the article, instructable, watching a video (or whatever), and few seconds to 2 mins later, the screen dims and a pop-up comes out saying "do you want to sign up?"

Other sites might say "do you want to subscribe?" "Click "like" if you like this article"

This is one of those things that's really fking annoying.
If people want to sign up, they can click on it in the top right corner. The sheer amount of sites that do this, that forces you to read their pop-up, making you close it everytime. The only thing I am interested in is the instructable/artcle I was currently reading...

This site would be decent if you removed it.

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swilke2 years ago

there is a reason that the sign-up popup will not be removed,it is because theree are bean counters running the site...

Kiteman swilke2 years ago

Just wondering - how do you think the site owners pay their bills?

swilke Kiteman2 years ago
just like i do.. by providing a good product that people want to buy...looks to me like there is a lot of buyers remorse going on.
Kiteman swilke2 years ago

"A lot of buyer remorse"? I count four unhappy people, and it has taken a month and a half for those four to accumulate.

Instructables *do* provide a good product, and people do want to "buy" it, as evidenced by the 15 million *new* hits the site gets every month, on top of the millions of regular readers and thousands of regular contributors. They buy it in one of three ways - they pay cash for a pro membership, or they contribute content in return for that same pro membership, or they tolerate the adverts.

Personally, I do not get the pop-ups because I am Pro. I was one of the first people to pay for a pro account, but since then I have been lucky enought o have enough projects Featured that I have not had to pay since. If you enjoy using the site (and I see you have been a member for nearly seven years, so I guess you do), and really dislike the adverts so much, then why not simply contribute in some way - pay for pro, or post an Instructable of sufficient quality or originality that it gets Featured?

Wait, so you are defending the sign-up popup by saying the site is getting a lot of hits? When you visit the page, the site gets a hit. If that was the goal, you are done. The popup does not get more hits. If they moved the popup to the corner of the screen, it would still be noticeable, but not annoying. This seems like an easy fix.

No, I was explaining to swilke that he was wrong to imply that the site ("product") was not good and not wanted, by pointing out how many millions of people regularly choose to use it.

Kiteman Kiteman2 years ago

Fun fact - if you "bought" my "product" for just ten minutes a week since you joined, and had to pay for my time at my "real world" rate, you would owe me roughly $2600.

There are roughly 150,000 projects on the site. They are of many different scales, but I calculate that, roughly, based purely on the man-hours required to make those projects and publish them on the site, that's a resource with a cash value of at least $15,000,000 (and maybe as much as $45,000,000), and all it "costs" most readers to get unlimited access to that is a click on a button.

I can't think of any other resource with a better value than that. Can you?

Moem swilke2 years ago

What makes you think so? And what, in your view, is the product that this site sells?

AGREE. I hate the popup. Every website tries really hard to create or provide useful and interesting content in an effort to get more people to their website. Yay it worked, I am at your website reading your article. Then, you punch me in the face, trying to get me to stop reading. It is like you don't want me to read the content on your website. Ok, I guess I will leave then.

The thing with pop ups, pop unders and unwanted other things is that site owners need a way to make money.
Some do it more subtle with just some ads in annyoning places, others do it really mad by placing a popup in such a way that the screen is blocked - clicking it away usually opens another tab with even more unwanted crap.
I agree Instructables can be a bit annoying as a non-member and maybe even still as a free member.
But I have to admit that it is nowhere near what you need to tolerate from other websites.
I had videos playing at full volume minutes after checking a website- very annyoning to find where the noise is coming from with 10 or more tabs open.
Reminds me of an old ad for ad blocker:
Guy walks into a church meeting because they advertised free WiFi to get more people.
While checking his emails he got spammed by ads from sex sites with full volume sounds and all.
If you are a member here and the sign up pop up is the only thing of a problem then simply sign in ;)

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