Get the LED Out! Contest Update: LEDs added to the prizes!

The Ratings, Pageviews, and Random winners in the Get the LED Out! contest will also receive $75 in LEDs from Phenoptix in addition to the t-shirt and TV-B-Gone kit.

Many thanks to Ben (aka Phenoptix) for putting up this awesome extra prize.

All right, everyone, you have five more days to make something awesome with LEDs. Get to it!

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guyfrom7up9 years ago
woohooo! I hope I'm a random winner, I just can't compete with some of the other instructables.
Me too.
I used to be 12th, you helped lower me to 19th. >.>

Real subtle links... ;-)

My evil plan is working!
I mean, Who, Me? *Bewildered and innocent look*

Kiteman9 years ago
Hoorah for Phenoptix!

(Give the man a plug - he supplied my UV LEDs at a very reasonable rate)
zieak Kiteman9 years ago
Dang, now that's a prize worth working on a project for a chance at!
ll.13 Kiteman9 years ago
ditto. =)
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