Getting Views on Unpublished Content

I am editing an unpublished Instructable and am showing a few views.  I deleted that one (assuming that I had accidentally published it somehow) and the same is happening in a new one.  Right now. it is just one on the new one.  I don't see it anywhere in 'recent' so perhaps these are not real views by other users.

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I have 2 unpublished instructables, over this weekend one has received 3 views, the other has 12 views. URL has never been published or shared yet the views keep coming. Just published one of them an hour ago, and thought to search for this happening to others, guess it is. I am happy to think that the instructable powers that be, perhaps peek? Not that I dislike that, if anything its perhaps a little pride issue that they are noticing you enough to warrant a look.
DJ Radio6 years ago
The same thing happened to me last year, but I ended up getting comments on it from random users. I did not give out the link, and I ended up deleting the ible and making a new one.
lemonie6 years ago
Are there any comments on these?

bertus52x116 years ago
Each time I edit (and save) an unpublished I'ble, a "view" is added. I'm just assuming it's me, but you're all saying it could be others?
Well I always get "1" from myself, I'd assume any others are either Admins taking a peek, or, depending on how views are tracked, erroneous logging of yourself as multiple views.
Unpublished 'ibles are viewable if the link is found or given out.
Yes - if you've given the link to somebody else, they can even post comments.

(It's a useful way to organise events, BTW)
Makes you wonder what the point of a "private" instructable is then.
That's exactly the point - you publish it, but only give the url to those you want to see it.

(I've said before, I'd quite like to be able to mass-mail links to my subscribers to give them a look before the masses get a look)
Exactly the point is to offer the same functionality as an unpublished instructable?

I'm missing something here.
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