Getting an LED to fade on and off

I plan on making an LED sign and I would it to fade on and off continuously. How would I go about doing that?? I don't have much experience with electronics so pardon my ignorance.

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I have a question for anybody who wouldn't mind helping me out;

I need a circuit design that includes 19 fading blue LEDs (3V fwd voltage, 20mA fwd current). I can use a phone charger or any other similar household transformer to supply power from an outlet. How should I make the circuit for the fading LEDs? I don't care if they fade synchronously or not - either way is just as satisfactory for their purpose. I've never designed a circuit from the bottom-up before, so I could use some help figuring out how to get the basic circuit structure to make this work. Thanks,
May be best to start a new topic on this.
Good idea - I'll do just that
Lachee5 years ago
I have just completed a circuit that fades leds, you would just need to hook it up to a 555 timer or a capacitor timer.

my circuit is here:

markee25 years ago
the 555 is grounded in pin 1. grounded meaning connected to the negative of the battery

fading led.jpg
markee25 years ago
I got dual fading LED  check the circuit digram below ,copied from
Fading LED schematic.png

Thank you.
dillon123455 years ago
how come the 555's pin one is not connected to the ground of the circuit?
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Googling LED fade worked for me. Doesn't look like a beginner's project. :(
Pardon my ignorance as well, but I've always wondered why can't we just we use a simple variable resistor when fading an LED? Battery + LED + Variable Resistor.
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