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Hi everybody, READ THIS (ALL OF IT):
Recently I asked a question about how to get better known in the k'nex community on instructables. I got lots of tips but most of them didn't help me because I already used them. Except for this one: POST A FORUM TOPIC. So here it is, my forum topic, everyone who reads this will now know me because they think: What an idiot and what a stupid avatar picture(I agree).

That's me, Mr. Muggle ( or actually: mrmuggle but I don't know how to change that)

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Lowney7 years ago
Just post lots
knexguy8 years ago
To change your name, PM Ewilhelm.

And posting a forum topic saying 'look at me!' is a bad idea in my opinion.  Who suggested this?

The best way to become well known is to build great stuff and comment a lot.
lemonie knexguy8 years ago
good on ya. but tru to post a decent forum topic next time (no offenese)

oh btw
never change your avatar, never.
ll.138 years ago
I tend to more recognise people who comment frequently, and make interesting points/comments/topics/instructables.

Ill have forgotten you in 5minutes, but I'm also not in the k'nex community, ciao.
Mr. Muggle (author) 8 years ago
I won't change the avatar: It's a classic