Getting money

So, I am 15 and I live in Colorado. Recently something has caught my eye that I want to buy. Problem is that is costs $550. Does anyone have any ways to get money at my age? I have submitted some job applications already but there is really only two places that I can walk to. I went around and de-iced some gutters and got about $60 from that, but that is a one time thing. Anyone got any more ideas?

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anything simple for darn sakes!!!!!!!
skunkbait9 years ago
Buy stuff at yardsales and re-sell on eBay. Offer to haul of scrap metal and then sell at a recycler. Totally crapped out cars (wrecked, burned, etc.)are going for like $300 bucks where I live.
right now in 2010 there only going for a scrap price of 125 dollars where i live.
=SMART=9 years ago
Im about to make a Money collaboration


Doctor What9 years ago
You could do homework for people. (actually, don't do that) Or, you could get a big gulp from 7 11 and walk down to the... (wait, don't do that either)
What was the second idea? :P
Here, where I am, the symbol for hookerisms is a big gulp.
I see... I never have been able to find a 7 11 on that side of the mountians...
Really? There's a couple in yakima. Like, four or five, I think.
:O Grrr... We never found one when I needed it most...
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