Getting money

So, I am 15 and I live in Colorado. Recently something has caught my eye that I want to buy. Problem is that is costs $550. Does anyone have any ways to get money at my age? I have submitted some job applications already but there is really only two places that I can walk to. I went around and de-iced some gutters and got about $60 from that, but that is a one time thing. Anyone got any more ideas?

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anything simple for darn sakes!!!!!!!
skunkbait9 years ago
Buy stuff at yardsales and re-sell on eBay. Offer to haul of scrap metal and then sell at a recycler. Totally crapped out cars (wrecked, burned, etc.)are going for like $300 bucks where I live.
right now in 2010 there only going for a scrap price of 125 dollars where i live.
=SMART=9 years ago
Im about to make a Money collaboration


And of course there were loads of Safeways.... The people that work there always ask us if they can help us. If I am sitting on the stack of toilet paper they obvioulsy cannot help me!!!
Ugh. Safeway. I don't like it. Always smells like chinese food. Usually it's Roseaurs but most of the time it is Wrays.
Yeah it does... Usually we go to Safeway because that's the best grocery store around here... Except for the annoying workers....
:O Grrr... We never found one when I needed it most...
I just go down to the shell.
Doctor What9 years ago
You could do homework for people. (actually, don't do that) Or, you could get a big gulp from 7 11 and walk down to the... (wait, don't do that either)
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