Getting to know her?

       My cover's blown! She knows i like her! :0 The thing is she doesn't know me very well i had a science lab with her once and <3<3<3..... You get the idea i was just quiet and i didn't know what to say... I recently read an article about the "Who what when where and why" conversation starters but i don't know how to approach her without looking like a creeper......

Help please,

-Lovestruck Buckwheat

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DJ Radio6 years ago
Maybe you could try to be awkward on purpose as a joke. For example: "What do polar bears do that I'm trying to do right now? Break the ice, how are you?"

I dunno, just give it a shot. Or just be nice.
I3uckwheat (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
ill give it my best on tuesday. we dont have school monday!
I3uckwheat (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
nice! presidents day! FTW
Sunbanks6 years ago
Well... Does she have your phone number? If not, you could write it on a piece of paper and go up to her pretending you picked it up off the floor and say "Oh hey I think you dropped this."

I actually did that to a guy today :P It was pretty epic. He was just some random guy I saw though, and he was on the phone. So I'm not sure if he's going to text me...
Yay for the liberated woman!

Kitewife asked me out - she said;

Did you know there's somebody at school who fancies you?

Who's that? I asked.

She replied; Me.

That was Easter 1986, and we're still together.
That's awesome! :D
That is such a great pickup line - insanely simple, yet devastatingly effective.
It certainly worked on me.

It takes a lot of guts, but I recommend it to Buckwheat.