Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Recreated and Lovely

In honor of the upcoming Ghostbusters video game, the Ecto-1 has been recreated as a promotional vehicle for it. All of the details have been taken care of and carefully photographed by fans.


Picture of Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Recreated and Lovely
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KD7CAO8 years ago
The Ecto-1 Siren physical unit is real. However, the sound is not. This was 100% Synthesized. There used to be a You Tube video of them actually creating the sound with a Guitar and Keyboard. Then guys spending time actually adjusting the pitches. I have yet to find a really high quality recording (the original would be best). I want to play it through my Code 3 Mastercom 100W Siren. :)
jakee1179 years ago
i want one!

bring it to me


niebb19 years ago
The siren from the original Ecto 1 was produced by Federal Signal for a few years. Unfortunately it is very hard to come by.
Kiteman9 years ago
Eeee-wooo! Eeee-wooo! Eeee-wooo! Eeee-wooo! Eeee-wooo!
Oh blast, now I have to dig out my siren circuits and see what I have on this LOL
I believe that the Ecto-1 siren never was real - it was added afterwards, purely as an effect, and not possible with a "normal" siren. Wire up an mp3 player to a bull-horn, though...
So, are you saying that using a 555, we would have difficulty (at best) recreating it? Lots of different noises can be coaxed from that little ic :-)
Not a clue. I was quoting from memory one of the sites I looked at when I was looking for that clip. Do you have an image of the circuit you can use? I think I have a 555 lurking in the shed.
I am still "cleaning up"....half my diagrams are missing. I will add that to the list of those I am looking for..... And I promise it will not look like a Bob Pease breadboard (Bob Pease was a "distant" mentor in a sense as I was growing up):
Goodness me! I have an urge to reach for shears and a nit comb...
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