Giant Capacitor

Our microwaved died in my house so I took it apart for parts. I found a Giant Capacitor, its about 4in x 2in x 1in It has 3 Leads coming out of it and somthing that attaches to a panel, im guessing the ground. Does anyone have any idea what i could do with this let alone charge and have it release its energy all at once. Of course I have to clean it and am aware it could kill me at any time.

Picture of Giant Capacitor
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Plasmana9 years ago
I'm guessing this opens after a min of no power. Then releases the energy through the ground.
That gray thing is called a diode.
yourcat9 years ago
Yes, be very aware that it could kill you at any time. WOTA CAPACITOR!!!
pgodfrey9 years ago
Yea, I know this is an old post - but I wanted to bring a few things up. 1) The microwave contains a device called a magnetron which generates the microwaves. This cooks the food by bombarding it with high frequency waves at 2.45 gigahertz. It is MUCH higher powered than your cordless phone or wireless router, so don't worry about those devices. 2) It can sit outside for 0.001 seconds or as long as forever, but as soon as the unit is shut off, the microwaves cease to exist. It does not build up radiation nor is it radioactive. People for decades have misused the term "radiation" to mean "radioactive". Everything is radiating something. Sound, light and heat are also forms of radiation. Microwaves just cause molecules to vibrate or rub together so quickly that they generate friction and heat up…you’d get pretty warm to if you bounced up and down against something 2,450,000,000 times a second. 3) The parts inside the microwave can be lethal! The capacitor does store energy when operating and can kill you. The transformer is not to be messed with either. Unless you have experience with high voltage devices, please don't start jamming screw drivers around. Other than that, enjoy your microwaved popcorn and be careful!
LasVegas10 years ago
lemonie is right... The transformer would have been much more useful for generating rather high voltages. That capacitor is not only small, but has a built-in discharge resistor making it useless for storing charges. Its purpose is to level the power going into the Radion Tube.
lemonie10 years ago
0.91 uF isn't that much, I don't think this is worth bothering with.
(see these:
And since microwaves are EM, they are only generated when the thing is powered-up (RedNeckOreo)

acer73 (author)  lemonie10 years ago
You link is broken. What does the o.91uF mean? Even if it isn't much its pretty big.
LasVegas acer7310 years ago
lemonie10 years ago
Having thought about it, the transformer may be of more use (assuming that wasn't the part that failed) L
Bran10 years ago
I've never opened a microwave before, and am not quite sure what you can do with it, but I read somewhere that when you open a microwave, the microwave-generator thing releases radiation or something like that. But hey, you got a really cool capacitor.
acer73 (author)  Bran10 years ago
It had been sitting outside for 2 days any microwave radiation would have been gone by then. There was also a 20 pound transformer but I tossed it.