Giant Firebreathing Snail Car

Well, Burning ManBurning Man is just around the corner people all over are finishing up their fire breathing, tree growing, LED encrusted, jet propelled art cars. Yesterday I got to join my friend Annie to check out Form and Reform put the disco box and lights on their giant snail car they call the Golden Mean. It's a beautiful metal sculpture that drives and shoots fire... hee!

The Form and Reform people do their work in a giant studio in Oakland CA called Kraftwork. It's an amazing place filled with awesomely old metal working machines and soot covered greasy machining tools. Wrought iron everywhere, art and robots. A pretty cool place to check out if you can.

Now for pictures of the snail:
(you can also check: Flickr or Form and Reform for updates and more photos)

Picture of Giant Firebreathing Snail Car
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LePyro9 years ago
es-CAR-go yeah, i know that one sucks but i wanted to say somthing... (i like fire)
Goodhart LePyro9 years ago
Hey, escargot that cooks itself LOL
codongolev9 years ago
holy sweet.
holy Snail!!!
Awesome! I'd love to see a side shot of the shell.
n8man9 years ago
I know there is some sort of pun that goes with this, I just can't think of it right now.
Kaiven n8man9 years ago
that is HOT xD
n8man Kaiven9 years ago
It is more of a slow burn.
Kaiven n8man9 years ago
nice one :P
bumpus9 years ago
That is so cool! It'll be the fastest mollusk on the playa! :D
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