Giant Furniture

Not content with regular furniture, artist Robert Therrien has created his own set of massive tables and chairs. They look like they'd be fun to see in person and have your sense of scale thrown out the window.

Oversized Furniture for Giants
via Neatorama

Picture of Giant Furniture
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craftyv7 years ago
Giant furniture and anything made out of it's usual size range always makes me smile whether real or photoshop. But you really have to see them as art instalations to really get the impact that they make. Enjoy them anyway.
Goodhart7 years ago
In a way, this furniture would have some actual use in demonstrating to full-sized adults the perspective of children and little people.
Kiteman7 years ago

I see your giant chairs, and raise you this one I saw in Geneva.

(It's outside the UN, a "statement" about landmines.)
I give up...what's it saying about them?
Notice the missing front leg...
Don't sit on one, because you'll end up very high up in the air.
zascecs Kiteman7 years ago
Maybe those are just really small people...?
Lots of fun. thanks for sharing
Saiboogu7 years ago
I really hate being that person, but... These aren't real, are they? OK, looking through the artist's portfolio.. He doesn't have details on this exhibit posted, but he does do some photo manipulations. Not to get into a big "this isn't art" thing, but photoshoped pictures aren't really as cool as the (implied) giant furniture would have been. Unless someone knows where these are exhibited?
fungus amungus (author)  Saiboogu7 years ago
Photoshopped images would be lame, it's true, but these look real.

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