Giant LED Clock Storage

If you're ever worried about being late or not being able to see the time from anywhere in your apartment, this combination storage unit and clock should help. Each number in the clock envelops two storage cubes that are big enough to hold a dozen CDs or any other soon-to-be-extinct media.

via bbgadgets

Picture of Giant LED Clock Storage
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davea05119 years ago
This is very cool and super original. You've got some nice bragging rights there. Only thing I'd suggest is to put a translucent black bezel over the whole thing so dark pixels (off state) really are dark.
He's not trying to brag, he didn't make it. I agree with the black bezel though, very good idea. Would look a lot cleaner.
jc8179 years ago
It would be cooler if it was bigger. If i could fill three with magazines and put my tv in the fourth, that would be awesome.
KANahas jc8179 years ago
Notice it already is big lol...
jc817 KANahas9 years ago
Notice the items I wanted to put inside the shelves. Notice the items actually inside the shelves. Notice the difference between the sizes of my suggested items, and the items actually used in the demonstration. And for the conclusion, think about it.
KANahas jc8179 years ago
True, but if you do that, for the proportion of the tv, you'd end up having a nearly 1/2 wall size clock...
jc817 KANahas9 years ago
Actually, I'd have a half wall of shelving that conveniently doubles as a clock. Function before fashion my friend. If I have enough stuff to fill those shelves, its still not a waste of space.
davea0511 jc8179 years ago
>I'd have a half wall of shelving that conveniently doubles as a clock. When you have to back up just to see what time it is ... that ain't convenience my friend. It's just a really really big clock that conveniently doubles as a half wall of shelving.
jc817 davea05119 years ago
I think that the only place I wouldn't necessarily be able to read the clock is from point blank, loading/unloading/scanning those shelves themselves. Our eyes and brains have the wonderful capacity to see wide angle and process bits of visual stimuli, combining and processing them if needed. Aka it's not that hard to look left to right and go oh, 4+3+8 it must be 438. Even from point blank it wouldn't be any more inconvenient than buying an analog clock.
davea0511 jc8179 years ago
I guess for me this item is all about form, not function (I already have a watch and there are other shelves aplenty which are big enough to hold stuff). Does it look cool? That's all I care about with this item. So, that said, a 1/2 wall clock would be kind of cool, in an ultra-geek sot of way - but I only think so because of the form, not the function. Though I must admit a 1/2 wall digital clock is almost too geeky. Even for me.
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