"Giant Rail Gun o' Doom" - Knex Cannon (Un Finished) Entry To TNKIT

Well. Here it is. Thanks to running out of pieces and rubber bands, i haven't finished. Video'll be done when i get more peices. And more rubber bands. The trigger isn't complete. But it works.

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finnished yet post
ajleece (author)  knexinventer7 years ago
Look at post date.
cool bas38 years ago
realy big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 thats what she said..

i was thinking that too...

that was not funny
7 letters-L...M....F....A....O!!!!!
Crap, that's only 5.....
travw8 years ago
yo dawg dats big<br /> =0<br /> But seriously, how long is that thing? And what's the range? And what's the ammo? And why am I asking this many questions? And how do I stop asking stuff?<br /> ?<br /> ?<br /> ?<br />
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