Giant Spider WALKS in Liverpool - update

In May 2006 something incredible happened in London. For four days the city stopped in its tracks and marvelled at the sight of a gigantic wooden elephant, and a little-girl giant in a green dress. Hundreds of thousands of people jammed the streets, astonished at the scale and beauty of the spectacular Sultan's Elephant.

Now Artichoke, the company that brought that event to London, is working with the engineering genius behind Royal de Luxe's giants, François Delarozière, and his company La Machine, to create a magical and astonishing new show especially for Liverpool, European Capital of Culture 2008.


Something unforgettable is happening in Liverpool as a highlight of the city’s European Capital of Culture celebrations. Vast in scale and spectacular in execution, this breathtaking new commission from La Machine will spin a tale so magical that an entire city will fall under its spell. Just as The Sultan’s Elephant stopped London in its tracks in 2006, so this three-day adventure will unfold against the landmarks of a great city, stopping the traffic and captivating everyone who sees it. Prepare to be amazed by a show that will make you believe in the impossible.

A gigantic mechanical spider has appeared in Liverpool, clinging to the side of a derelict building next to Lime Street station. A group of scientific researchers have arrived and are investigating… What will the next chapter of the story bring?

La Machine


Thousands of people braved the rain to watch a 50ft (15m) high mechanical spider come to life in Liverpool.

About 5,000 people watched La Princesse come out of "hibernation" outside the city's arena at King's Dock on Friday.

An estimated 20,000 more were in the city on Friday evening to see her crawl down The Strand before heading for a resting place at the Cunard building.

The £1.5m street theatre production, operated by French company La Machine, is a Capital of Culture event.

La Princesse was unveiled to the public on Wednesday morning, hanging from a redundant office block next to Lime Street railway station.

She was woken in a hail of fireworks and smoke at 1130 BST on Friday, before striding up and down in front of the arena in front of the cheering crowd.

Story and video

The spider is moved to the performance area (watch the lorry sequence - you can see that each leg has a separate set of controls)

The full ballet:

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Sunbanks9 years ago
I think that's really cool, even though spiders scare me a lot... But I still like this one.
Gives a whole new meaning to "brass knuckles", eh ? LOL
LOL Yeah
lol now we need the mall from the movie and a whole bunch of people with guns. I forget its name though.
u mean 8 legged freaks?
a really Older movie would be Earth vs. the Spider (1958) or The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)
And, of course, Arachnophobia....

The nightmares...
Yeah, well the little ones I don't have much of a problem with (as long as I have shoes on ;-) , but when they get big enough to bit my head off......well, I just hope I have a lot of gas in the car LOL
didn't you watch 8 legged freaks? that didn't help them...... though the kid with the dirt bike managed to get away.
no, I hadn't...
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