Giant skateboard

Joe Ciaglia made this massive skateboard and then took it outside with a few friends for a group ride and then went solo for an ill-fated trip. Would love to know some details about how it was made.

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Picture of Giant skateboard
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whiskrs7 years ago
I'm in!!!!
only if i get to make the accident though!!!!!!
brainiac7 years ago
whos gunna help me make one?
totaly ill do it
I'm in!
smtgr147 years ago
This is much better than my giant pogo stick... it didn't jump more than 3 times before falling over
seabananers7 years ago
the wheels are care wheels
HeyJD7 years ago
I wonder how much it weighs!
SpecieS~7 years ago
totally awesome xD
lol this made my local news.
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