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My skills include:Chainmail, simple latex clothing/accessories, basket weaving, seatmaking, modular origami, electronics
What I'd like to make for someone: Stretch/simple Chainmail (bracelets, necklace, anklets), latex face mask (think respirator/goth), a basket, raffia foot stool, sonobe structure, five interlocking tetrahedrons.
I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): Any size
I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: Sure
What I like: blue, green, origami, wood, electronics
What I don't like: crochet
I absolutely can't have: None
Type of thing I'd love to receive: Wooden Pen, any kind of wood woorking/carving
Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? Sure
Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: Born Dec. 28, 1980

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nepheron7 years ago
I guess we've been paired up! I like surprises :D
mrmucox (author)  nepheron7 years ago
Apparently, its not a pairing, I'm sending a gift to a user named EGiR, and receiving a gift from you... I also like surprises! I do like wooden items, and even better if its recycled wood.
Ok, in order to make a gift you might actually use, I have a few questions: Do you cook? Would you use drink coasters? TY -Neph
mrmucox (author)  nepheron7 years ago
I do not cook, but I would use drink coasters!
ok, I have another question If you could have a wax seal, what symbol would it have?
mrmucox (author)  nepheron7 years ago
Hmmm... I'd have to say a Mu, just like my avatar.
Ok, I have one more question, then i'll leave you alone :D Do you have anything against reclaimed animal bone? I carve cleaned cow bone and I was wondering if it would be ok with you if your gift had some kind of bone element involved.
mrmucox (author)  nepheron7 years ago
Nope, no problem at all. Just FYI, I'm going out of town for the next week, and I'll only be checking e-mail sporadically.
ok, have fun :)
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