Gift exchange: Question

Just a quick question... I'm thinking of jumping in the Gift exhange group as I think its a brilliant idea... But, would it be reasonable for me to say offer one or two peices of my pre-made instructables as a gift?

I was thinking of offering someone Norbert and a mini trebuchet that I already have made...

Or do i deffinatly need to make something brand new?

Its no problem making something new.... just well... I think Norbert would make a great gift... but I don't EXACTLY want to make another one

what do you think?


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DrWilson7 years ago
i think that would be fine as long as there's some sort of instructable on how you made them
Biggsy (author)  DrWilson7 years ago
yeah, both are already featured items
DrWilson Biggsy7 years ago
should be fine then
Biggsy (author)  DrWilson7 years ago
hmm... we'll see how the muses and fates strike me this week... who knows I may make something new