Gigantic Scrabble

Scrabble is an obsession and I can completely understand why a couple would show so much love for the game that they would make an absolutely huge waterproof version for their backyard. Yup, it's lawn Scrabble and there's nothing wrong with that.

He fashioned the board from pavers laid in a bed of sand — 225 of them, to be exact. He installed them all in one day and had the back pain to prove it.

Jane Crane painted the bonus square in the proper colors and made letter tiles from craft-store wood plaques. She took apart shelves and reconfigured the pieces to make tile racks, and pavers and tiles were sealed to prevent water damage.

Now Scrabble games at the Crane house are a physical as well as mental pursuit. The players have to get out of their seats to place their tiles on the board and pick new ones from the selection spread out face down in the grass.

They haven't faced many challenges, other than having to light patio torches when darkness falls or dealing with the few times their dog, Maggie, has run across the game board. If it rains, they just take the game inside — on a regulation Scrabble board, that is.

But you know, Jane Crane said, it's not as much fun.

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pennyvlamis6 years ago
ppatches246 years ago
i LOVE scrabble i am make one of these
Plasmana7 years ago
That is really cool!
Ananand7 years ago
No one in my house EVER wants to play scrabble. Except for maybe my bro.
bcclear107 years ago
tarzioo7 years ago
lol that looks so much fun!!! I would definitely get into that game!!! x_X
Giant sized games are always fun, just look at Wizard's Chess in the Harry Potter movie. I want to build an 8 foot long operation game with an air horn for the buzzer. That'll make you jump.
I've played giant chess! They have (or had) a giant chess board and pieces at the mall. I'm not sure if it is there anymore.
lemonie7 years ago
I like Scrabble (most of the time) L
gmjhowe lemonie7 years ago
haha! you can spelliriirii with that though..
lemonie gmjhowe7 years ago
That's non-English, I wouldn't have been allowed it. Although maybe I should have tried and hoped we didn't finish due to arguing... L
gmjhowe lemonie7 years ago
The trick lies in quickly thinking up a good description of what it means. that is convincing also. so much so its not looked up, or googled.
lemonie gmjhowe7 years ago
A big... dumb... hairy, gorilla? L
gmjhowe lemonie7 years ago
I would go with the inner stem of a common daisy, specifically different for its slight squatter size, the word iriirii, derived from viri, specifically relates to the family plant type.
lemonie gmjhowe7 years ago
I was thinking of "quijibo", but yours is much more credible (have to remember it) L
gmjhowe lemonie7 years ago
im good at BS
Least it isn't a "q" and a "a"
ansanma7 years ago
Amazing!!! I want one!!!
Goodhart7 years ago
That is great ! My wife and I both enjoy scrabble.....one would have to be careful not to KICK the tiles though :-)
this is amazing have you seen the monopoly in the park monopoly in the park
Kiteman7 years ago
Great idea - I love scrabble, but nobody in the the house does.
clark7 years ago
someone needs to do this with risk
Great idea. Thanks for showing!!
Wafflicious7 years ago
Thats so cool! thanks for sharing.