Gingerbread House Slideshow Contest

It's gingerbread house season!

Making miniature houses out of gingerbread and frosting and candy is hard to resist and in honor of these tiny abodes we will be having a Gingerbread House Slideshow Contest coming soon!

It's a slideshow contest so you don't have to put up instructions of how you made it, just the amazing results.

More details soon!

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Arther7 years ago
 Define edible 
Does it have to be completely edible? I have ideaz :D
fungus amungus (author)  computer_guy7 years ago
Does anyone really eat a gingerbread house? Edibility is definitely not a requirement.
YES we eat the gingerbread house.  I make mine with honey instead of molasses and it is really good. Edibility SHOULD be a requirement!!
Ooooh,  I have an idea! But, it isn't edible. I guess one could try eating it, although it wouldn't end too well.
Incrxtc8 years ago
Ha, this will be awesome
jeff-o8 years ago
Hmmm, may I borrow someone's laser cutter?  I have an idea...  ;)
=SMART=8 years ago
I have a great idea ..... :D
Doctor What8 years ago