Giving Away a New 40lb Recurve Bow!

Here is my video describing the giveaway. This is a good quality and nicely painted PVC bow. To be entered in the drawing, go to this video's page on YouTube ( and leave a comment saying you want the bow.

Picture of Giving Away a New 40lb Recurve Bow!
black bow 002.JPG
black bow 001.JPG
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sick bow! Lol my last bow snapped in the back of my car it was a fail

Jaycub (author)  gagegage9261 year ago

It snapped in your car? Why?

boxes shifted and slide an crushed it. I was like omfg?!?!? did this really just happen?

That looks very nice.

It's a shame it is under draw weight for hunting deer where I live 48.5 Lb at 27.6".

You did a very good job on it.

You should have made an Instructable on making it.


Jaycub (author)  Josehf Murchison1 year ago

Thanks! I think the required draw weight for deer here is only 35lb but I am not 100% sure. There are enough instructions out there on very similar bows, see "backyardbowyer" YouTube channel. The paint is mainly what distinguishes this one and that was done with spray cans and masking tape.

i would indeed take that off your hands because i do target practice in my backyard and im in need of a new recurve bow and i have to admit that looks really nice.

good job!