Glass Tube Alien Thing

Just a thought, but what if you combined this with this and this. I was surfing the internet, and found the "glow crystals", then thought about the instructable on the "mad scientist's light",and wondered about combining them. Later, I read the action figure instructable, and thought that it would be a great addition. I don't have the materials or skills to do that, but I was wondering if someone else was. (maybe make an instructable, and credit me) It would be like a glowing alien experiment from DOOM!!

John Smith (author) 10 years ago
It's done. I used a hi-lighter to color the water, and a clay alien to go on the inside. I can't get good pics because of the glare on the light bulb, and the glowing water.
westfw10 years ago
Ah, you've voiced the basics one of my un-implemented ideas; a sort of fluorescent liquid "ocean in a bottle" illuminated by UV LEDs. In general, I think there are a lot of interesting artistic possibilities for fluorescent materials plus UV LEDs that have yet to be explored. In the pictures here, you see some PVA-based "Silly Putty" with fluorescein dye (green) and some fluorescent pink "fimo", both illuminate by cheap (eBay) UV LEDs...