Glass capsule RFID not readable but work

Just wondering if anyone has come across a glass capsule RFID which cannot be read by any reader but work inside the machine?  We have tried countless of readers but none of them can detect anything of the chip.  Is this possible?  Anyone has any idea which can help us or can provide the reading service?

BT73 (author) 1 month ago

We tested the similar chip but they do not do the same thing if it is just a coil and capacitor

What do you mean by "machine" ?
What frequencies/protocols does the capsule, machine and your readers support?

BT73 (author)  Downunder35m1 month ago

The machine is just a water drink system. It allows us to dispense the water if a chip is detected. No readers that we tried can give us any reading on the chip that is why we cannot determine anything.

Might not be a standard IF ID system then.
Could be as simple as these safety devices in supermarkets - they produce a detectabe signal just by means of a coil and capacitor.