Glowing Mountain Dew - Chemical Reaction

Check this out:

Glowing Mountain Dew on Metacafe

Does anyone know what is reacting with the baking soda and peroxide? We haven't really gotten into the chemistry portion in Science class yet. Thanks!

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pikachu45927 years ago
We tried to replicate it  & it did not work. The only way we could get the same results was by using the insides of about 2 glow sticks. Too bad it doesn't work.
tylervitale7 years ago
 Yes it's faked. The most likely way they did it is they extracted the ink from a yellow highlighter and then used an ultraviolet light.
Matt214978 years ago
It looks cool but its fake and edited
Bran (author) 10 years ago
Oh, how I detest liers. Apparently this is a "viral video" of sorts and uses glow stick fluid, and doesn't work: Stupid Liers
Goodhart Bran10 years ago
I was wondering about that.....I saw the "magots from raw beef when cola was poured onto it" video awhile back and looked that up at Snopes...some people...
zachninme Bran10 years ago
I love the sarcasm in that snopes video :P "Its not done glowing yet!"