Glowing wood and resin furniture

Can't get these glowing wood and resin chairs that Bright Woods showed off in Milan recently out of my head. I know that some glowing furniture wouldn't quite work in my house, but I really would love to make something like it. So instead I'm putting it out there to all of you. Please do something with this idea and post it here.

Bright Woods’ Tables and Chairs Captivate with an Engaging Glow

Picture of Glowing wood and resin furniture
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pclplante5 years ago
Available for a mere $50,000 @
click on project on the right side then design on the lower left. An awesome thing but way too pricey. I wold like to know the process but I thing that routing out furniture then placing in the resin tape with color oxides built into it (hollow) so that it can change colors. Then super clear resin pored all over it to protect it. If one gets broke just throw it away along with the puny amount of money you will pay for it, who cares. :-)
boarderline6 years ago
along a similar idea-
translucent concrete
fiber optic embedded wood

very cool!
insad6 years ago
insad6 years ago
Maybe here more information can be extracted:
xenor7 years ago
I think I'd be inclined to use acrylic sheets alternating with timber (or something that looks like wood), with some sort of keyed assembly and a hollow center for the light sources. That way, the would wood be free to expand somewhat, without cracking the resin.
Need some way to change the light... maybe leave the bottom open?
 I could get close with simple rope lights, but nowhere near this clean.
nuentoter7 years ago
instead of using layers of wood, couldnt you construct it as a whole, route out strips like and inch or 2 deep, then fill with a colored epoxy mixed with luminescent powder. no shrinking, no seperating.  just a thought.
Jayefuu7 years ago
This is a picture I just took of some thin wood slices. I'm thinking they'll make a nice lamp shade....
XOIIO7 years ago
WOW that is cool. Imagine stainless steel or copper! Maybe even just black or silver and blue light!
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