Go back to the old layout.

I've noticed that in the attempts websites make to become more and more advanced, they always somehow mess up and make their layout WORSE than the last one.  The one we had before was good.  The one before that was better.  Same thing for any other site. 

Google has had the same layout for who knows how long, I respect them for that.  They made a simple interface, clearly laid out buttons, and they left out all the garbage.  When the stats and related ibles were on the right of the instructable, it centered the instructable currently being viewed on the screen which was good for my eyes.  I don't know why you guys decided to change it, it was fine the way it was before.

Just my honest opinion here...

Update: Thanks for taking my advice guys!

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leafydave7 years ago
i hate the beta channles they force u to have on youtube
DJ Radio (author)  leafydave7 years ago
Personally I like those better than the old channels.
yeah but 4 the rest of us we had no choice
Willard2.07 years ago
Funny, when I am logged in, the view is back to 'normal', related on the right.  When I  log out, the related stuff goes to the left.  Does anyone else notice this?
 Yep happening to me too
I noticed that too. I'll check my settings to see if they added it. I suggest you do the same.
Agreed. Facebook got weird, too...
 tell me about it
knexfan91827 years ago
too bad this stuff doesn't work on facebook.
DJ Radio (author) 7 years ago
Well its back to normal now. 
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