I was wondering if anybody had any plans for go-carts. Not the ones you ride down the hill, the ones where you push the gas pedal and it go's. I would prefer a way to make one without welding. Also i would prefer one that go's off-road.Thanks.

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crazies6 years ago
go to the top right corner and type in do it your self go cart plans and click the first website and you will find 2 different go cart plans. yard kart plans, and fun cart plans there is a racer but it dose not tell u plans though u also have weld on yard cart but not on fun cart i know because i just printed plans let me know what u think
this was crazies
Kiteman10 years ago
Hey Kiteman your sons asked for a go-cart yet?
Easy Button (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
Ok,it's working now. But all of those involve welding and i don't have the stuff for it.
What about pop-rivets and plates on the joints, like the electric car instructable?
Easy Button (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
True,but i went on craigslist (internet store kinda like ebay) and foundone for like $200.So i probaly will end up buying that.
Thats not the Instructables way! xD
Easy Button (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
See if you can strip down one of those electric carts for the disabled...they pack a lot of extra weight, and can provide a 12v motor. I got one that I turned into a scooter...unfortunately, I threw out a small plastic piece that would allow me to connect the motor to the scooter. Didn't realize the motor worked. (We found two of them in a pile of trash)
Doug Costlow10 years ago
Just get an old riding lawnmower. Take off the governor, and mowing deck, then maybe change the pulley sizes and your good to go. think about it, you could try to piece together something or get some thing thats already got everything you need. unless your getting stuff for free you can't really build a decent go kart that will hold up for less than 100 bucks, but even thats pretty low.
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