Goalie Designs New Pads to Block More Shots

Hockey goaltender Trevor Leahy was looking for an extra edge in his hockey games and decided to design some new goalie pads to help him out.

Going with the idea of camouflaging them, the front of the pads are meant to mimic the look of the net itself. The idea is that in the split second before a shot, a player would shoot into the pad and not the real net. The results are inconclusive, but at least the whole process has helped Trevor get into college.

Since the days when Boston Bruins' goaltender Gerry Cheevers started inking stitches onto his mask each time the equipment protected his face, many goalies have expressed their individuality with designs and paintings on their mask or other pieces of equipment. But Leahy's design - essentially a camouflage for a goal that is 4 feet high and 6 feet wide - has hockey players and coaches amazed and impressed.

Link via Core77

Picture of Goalie Designs New Pads to Block More Shots
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ledzep5678 years ago
it will be illegal soon. because i know in lacrosse the goalie cant have anything that remotely resembles a bulls eye on his jersey. just wait until a championship game and the leagues best offensemen shoots right into the pad.
ry259208 years ago
We just need to get a goalie. Last game, one had the flu and one we borrowed nearly passed out from heat exhaustion before the refs pulled him out.
EvoFX8 years ago
haha, this is acutally pretty cool. not sure everyone would agree with it since it does get the goalie a little advantage.
EPL8 years ago
this is incredible but as a hockey player myself I hope these dont catch on or it will be my worst nightmare
wonton8 years ago
awesome idea.
skuypers8 years ago
this is the same reason goalies tape their sticks with white tape to create the illusion of an open 5-hole.
DJ Radio8 years ago
I think the ref may ban them and call it cheating.
That's great! It looks as if there's net "embossing" the leather from underneath?