Goat Tower

Want to raise goats, but are short on real estate? That's ok, build a tower!

David Johnson built his own tower out of 5,000 handmade bricks, each one a different size and shape! "The goats love it, and the people driving by can't believe it."

There are currently only three goat towers in the world. We hope to see the fourth one posted here! (hint hint)

VIA: boingboing

Picture of Goat Tower
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lemonie8 years ago
I like goats, you see the waving one?

scoochmaroo (author)  lemonie8 years ago
oh geez.
that is good.
i like the fainting ones best!

I want some.
Haha! I love them, scare them and they fall down! :-D
I have a part fainting goat. He is black and white with pretty blue and gold eyes but, he doesn't faint. His other part is angora so he is fuzzy and cute.
In my head, I read that to say that you have a "fart painting goat."
"That is an incredible paint job!! How did you do it?"
"My goat, he farted."
haha im with ya damn dislexia
So, the fainting gene must not be the dominant one. <br />
I remember this from mythbusters!
J@50n Gjdj38 years ago
me too haha
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