God save the Queen!

It has been brought to my attention, after many years of being a proud American, that we are all believing a lie. We are all subjects of the British monarchy. Our good people, the conspiracy theorists, whom never have lied to us before are informing us to that fact. Therefore to show my new allegiance to the Crown, I will sing "Rule Britannia" every morning and I will renounce baseball as my favorite sport and I am gladly replacing cricket as my new spectator sport (I still have no idea how the game is played but I will learn sooner or later). God save the Queen!

Watch the video!

Kiteman5 years ago

I love conspiracy theories, especially when the "evidence" has all conveniently gone up in flames ;-)

blkhawk (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Cyclone17645 years ago
blkhawk (author)  Cyclone17645 years ago
Click on the link and watch the video. You will get the joke!