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Hello everyone. Looking at the rising of all the awareness programs of saving the planet and going green. I thought why not we here at instructables could gather and make a small team of engineers, electricians, high voltage people, hobbits, and project builders to share ideas on how to save the planet and go green. the main purpose of this topic is to discuss and design new gadgets, machines and mechanisms to save the planet to carbon emission and use of fossil fuel. So if you have a idea people over here could evaluate it and try to test is out......who knows it could be a future source of energy to the world. So your ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

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FaqMan9 years ago
I was wondering with all the green projects and all I also though since people in Mesopotamia used fired bricks which actually used just mud, straw, and water. I was wondering if you all heard the effiency of it and how it saves energy bills and saves tons of money. I was wondering if any of you heard things about it?
skunkbait9 years ago
Not a bad idea. (but check your spelling. I'm not sure we have any HOBBITS here.) :-)
what ??? if i m here then hobbits sure can b ba'basaur (ashs k-board is really strange thing 2 use)
What's a ba'basaur? My colleagues and I call ourselves babarians :-)
I interpreted it to be a contraction of Babe' asaur, but I could be wrong...although it could refer to Babar, the elephant
its bulbasaur. he and pika sometimes surf here and write stuff with my username
OH, sorry
CameronSS9 years ago
Apparently you missed that this has already been done.
He seems to really be trying to reinvent the wheel,
AND sliced bread, etc.... ;-)
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