Good Plants to Grow in a Dorm (1 Gal Container Limit)

What are some good plants to grow in a dorm room? I am limiting the container sizes to about 1.5 gallons (About 6.825 liters). Preferably something that would bear fruits or something. No herbs because I can't do any cooking anyway. East facing window. I've though of -Cherry tomatoes (A bit too big) -Strawberries -Black Pepper?

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uguy10 years ago
How about a nice cactus?
crestind (author)  uguy10 years ago
I would, but I always overestimate how long it can stay alive without water... :( When I do water, I end up drowning them.
if you get a spritzer(looks like this (fifth image))
you can mist the soil of the cactus/succulent once a week
Goodhart uguy10 years ago
I was told once that they are the easiest things to take care of because you can neglect them so. But my problem with killing more "houseplants" was not that I neglected them, but I pampered them (which is the politically correct term for "drowned"). Cactus plants are great if you don't have much time to water and fuss with a plant. But it is very easy to get one to "rot" if you overwater.
I do agree with that but i think you should try a prickly pear. They have fruit (though it does require polination) and in my area they take huge amounts stress becouse it SNOWS every year and they still come up. While mine may be a sub-breed that is resileant, They germinate well from small wedges and have pink and yellow flowers.
I actually HAVE one of these outside in our garden....I just don't do well with plants "inside".

Prickly this what you were referring to?
Yes, that is it. Whats funny is these grow wild around my place and i live in a evergreen forest. ill have a shot of one that is in bloom near my place tommorow or the day after. Aparently those red nobs are the "pear", they are suposed to be quite sweet from what i heard. i dont really know how you would havest them though. But with your whole plant killin thing, just stickit near a window by your sink and when you go to get a drink of water just pour some onto the plant. if you drink a ton just wait for the soil to look dry, or lighter. It should sit haply with that. infact i have one in a pot and my famly's cats have knocked it off the window sill many times and it still keeps kicking.
When I told the last person to ever give me a "plant" for inside, that I had killed their cactus, they were shocked LOL I have a routine, and will either forget if they are regular plants or worry and overwater if not. Nature does a much better job of it then I do ;-)
Lol im sorry then, The Lemon Tree sounds good though, i may do that my self but with the humid climate at my college i dont know how it would handle.
I can't believe that crapflinger's idea wasn't suggested sooner. Especially being a dorm.

As for a plant you could actually grow, my suggestion would be Lavender. It smells nice, looks nice, grows mostly up, and if you have / get a gf you can always cut a small piece off and put it behind her ear. Most women would think that was incredibly sweet. (Just don't tell her you found the idea on the internet. lol)
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