Good cool elastic guns

Just wondering if anyone knew how to make elastic guns that are safe fun and u can shoot them around a bunch. They gotta be easy to make and load so no like chemicals just a kool gun. If u can try not to make it knex cause i find them hard to make.

smidge14710 years ago
dude theres one rbg knex gun on this site and it kicks ass!heres the link

thats the best ive ever used it is very strong and safe except for the time i overloaded it and it exploded and hit me in the face but that was because i put about 12 bands on it.
Yowhazupdawg (author)  smidge14710 years ago
dude ur thing sucks so bad it's imposibble to build and guess what in my post it says EASY TO BUILD! AND NOT KNEX STUFF CAUSE I FIND THEM HARD TO MAKE! Omg i wasted a frickin hour trying to maike it
dude thats not my rbg.pluss knex is easy.
Easy Button10 years ago
heres a really good one made from wood but you need alot of tools