Good god, it's been ages...

Wow. So today I got bored and came back here after like...a year. Most of you probably won't have the faintest idea of who the hell I am, but that's only to be expected lol. I had a major nostalgia trip and decided to open a drawer and bring back some memories. I sorta scared myself with some of the strange things I had previously created...because they're rather weird to see after all this time o.O
I feel like an old person now, so I'll act accordingly.

Whadda all y'all kids nowadays d-

I can't do this properly. Anyways, what the hell have I missed in the past year? Anything interesting or groundbreaking(After  all this time, what I think to have been cool is probably now a load of steaming crap)?

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apples!!!!! (author) 6 years ago
Ironically, I posted this and was too busy to return for a year(almost exactly, kinda creepy)...interesting arguments on here. Still too fad-based, which leaves waves of the same thing in a different package for months on end until someone designs something new, which restarts the cycle while people argue over who started the fad or really 'brought it to life" even after the cycle has died and been reborn anew. It's funny, because it's been this way since I was just a little guy with a ten dollar K'nex set, a thirst to engineer something that promotes violence and an internet connection.

I think I'm going to stick with some of the much older stuff, or newer non-weapon inventions from now on. I came back because I found this thing that looks like an AK-47 in my drawer under some stuff and nostalgia'd like never before lol, but the site doesn't seem too much different than from when I first started. Thanks to those who tried to give out some help, and that piano playing creation still amazes me. I wish I could make that thing...
It's funny because nothing major happened since last year. K'nex is dying. It's slowing down at least. There is no real fad going on at the moment. Just a bunch of newbs getting in the game. I'd kickstart things if I could.
apples!!!!! (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
Wow, you're still here. I didn't think many people would be, so kudos to you for keeping true this long; that's pretty impressive. There just needs to be some originality, even if it's not a weapon that shoots things lol, there are quite a few awesome things that can be done with K'nex.
Oh as usual I still have plenty of ideas that I don't have the pieces or skill to build. K'nex has much more potential but it also takes much more experience to unleash it. Well the newbs are obviously not offering much and everyone else just gave up. I think it happened when people were dumbed down to building TRs and NARs all the time.
Yes. I think however this cycle will start again as apples said when kinetic finishes his semi-auto. That might start this back up for a bit.
apples!!!!! (author)  shadowninja316 years ago
Is this yet another "semi-auto" or a real one? I can think of almost ten that say they are, but aren't.
Kind of depends on your definition of semi-auto. By my terms, the only kinds of weapons that aren't actually semi auto are the ones with multiple barrels. However, I know most people are more picky with things like RBGs in which each band represents a charge in my opinion while others disagree.
If I remember correctly, his was more of a "true" semi auto by most people's standards.
apples!!!!! (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
(without some kind of manual cocking or loading)
Well see, where's the line? A RBG requires multiple bands to be loaded, but again I compared each of these bands as a charge of powder and not as a cock of the weapon. However, because you have to prepare each of these bands on the gun yourself and they aren't just magically set up for you, a lot of people get the illusion that it's like "cocking" the gun several times as a opposed to loading ammunition.
apples!!!!! (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
I think that creating something similar to a shell that will fire with the pull of a trigger, even if it has to be prepared beforehand, is semi-auto to the closest we'll see it any time soon...I wanted to start something like that. Those rounds in real firearms aren't magically made; they're pre-loaded and multiple are carried so I therefore see that as fairly realistic.
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