Good grief, Goodhart!

Really, Goodhart...

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forgesmith9 years ago
Is there a contest?

(Screenshots cropped with GIMP 2!)
Nice, ubuntu themed firefoxdoesn't work with 3 :(
Lithium Rain (author)  forgesmith9 years ago
LOL! Nope, no contest, just obsessed people...
No, it's just stupid, immature games.
Goodhart ll.139 years ago
I only reply when I think I have something to say.....sorry you feel that way. :(
ll.13 Goodhart9 years ago
...actually I don't, I couldn't care less if people post last on all the categories. =D

-what I don't like is when people do it for the sake of doing it
Goodhart ll.139 years ago
Oh ok, I thought you were being comprehensive and all inclusive with that statement :-)
I did it by accident...
I saw that
You have some respect, which removes the immaturity.
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