Good knex guns?

Alright, whenever i find a cool knex gun and I make it im happy and I pull it back to shoot.........and it doesnt.... or the ram breaks etc....  can some people please post some good guns here.   That would be great (currently i have oblivitus' beast pistol which actually works! :))

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MegaMetal87 years ago
KFSA - knexfreek
TR18 - killerk
Z35 - oblivitus
NAR - oodalumps

knexer's to look at:

(the ones above) and....
and more!!

knex_mepalm7 years ago
 Not a Rectangle by Oodalumps. I.  it features an unbreakable front, I smashed it with a hammer! you can stack bands and the ram will not go flimsy becuse of a piece keeping the ram straight,  and all the power from the ram actually goes into the bullet. Three Problems. Flimsy stock, stacking mroe than 6 bands hurts your hand and single shot. Up to 160 feet.
Masterdude7 years ago
Never-mind my MAR.
My MBAR is better.
Search knex and then sort by rating. Choose what you like
Tr18 by killerk
The Hellslayer by KnexFreek is a lot of fun :P it has a 10x2 round clip, shoots 2 shots at once, doesn't use too many pieces, and 'cos the pins only go out halfway, you can stack a lot of power on 'em without them bending :P

I have 2 of them :D:D
Thankyou!!!!!!! Omg wow :)

-Kev    :)
The gun is also weaker cos the pins only go out halfway, but whatever.
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