Good luck, Jake and Hannah.

In case you didn't know, respected ibler gmjhowe, and his much more respectable better half, Hannah, are getting married tomorrow.

I'm sure everybody will join me in raising a virtual glass to wish them every happiness together, today and for all their tomorrows.

Picture of Good luck, Jake and Hannah.
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ReCreate7 years ago
I have no glasses... *raises hat*
bowmaster7 years ago
Just as long as they don't take over the world I'm cool with it.
KentsOkay7 years ago

*clicks imaginary like button*
ll.137 years ago
*raises glass*

epic win, epic win.
lemonie7 years ago
The BBC reckoned you'd get some sun in the afternoon (for the Hog-roast) I hope you did.

V-Man7377 years ago
An infinitude of happy tomorrows.
DJ Radio7 years ago
Have a good time together Jake and Hannah!
lemonie7 years ago
I sincerely hope nothing amusing happens that might be worth money to a TV-clip show, and no drunken woman says something sincere but person-ejectable at the reception...

Some poems marriages
Are very very long
This one isn't

;D Congratulations, you two.
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