Good ol' GorillazMiko

looky what i found, thanks to GorillazMiko, my day has been made complete...this is him

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Kiteman8 years ago

I keep forgetting how young some people are here...
Like me?
aww....how cute!
some kids smoke pot, some kids drink,

gorillazmiko makes pokemon music videos....

btw: u got quite the little mouth on you. if you go to the actual page hes like "can you guess something? F*** you" im surprised....
I think I'd rather my kids smoke pot or drink. They could always sober up, apologise, and get on with life. Anything posted on you tube lives forever!
Yeah, so was I.
Brennn108 years ago
That was awesome!
How I hate him!

sorry, I couldn't resist...it's from an OLD peanuts strip...
westfw8 years ago
I don't think it's polite (or nice) to publicly reveal other users' other account names... tsk, tsk...
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