Good science idea

Hi, could someone make an app that, maybe uses a similar technology, to be able to identify plants, animals, and fungi? You could make it into a database where the users of the app put in the information, much like Wikipedia, so its ever evolving. I'd really like to be able, in my wood travels, to take my non existing iphone, and scan an organism with it and know all about it. I feel that that would be awesome.

blkhawk5 years ago
Didn't you post this topic already?
FoolishSage5 years ago
You realise that it is a massive undertaking to create a piece of software that can identify all those things right? Im not talking about a guy with a cup of coffee and a quiet weekend but a team working around the clock for months or more.. There are so many plant types that look almost identical, the complexities of pattern recognition, the fact that plants are never clearly presented in front of a white background, etc etc.

Sure it would be really cool to have a program like that but it is a very complex task to actually make the software. If you ever find anyone that makes the app for you let me know because I would like one too!
The Cartographer (author)  FoolishSage5 years ago
I understand the complexity of it, but I want one too, so I figured I put the idea out there.