Just wanted to say goodbye for a week. Cause I'll be too sick to post this later. I'm probably going to be gone for a week or so...with the chickenpox. I don't have it, yet, but my sister and my brother both have it, and my other sister and I are next (my other two brothers are immune, they got the shots but somehow we didn't, something about FDA approval and you can't receive it after a certain age...). They caught it from my dad, who has shingles. The doctor says we're next-like the chances are 100% that we will get sick soon. So, if anyone cares, I'm not gone forever, just for a while. I have to go clean my room and basically prepare to die now. (lol!)

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xACIDITYx9 years ago
Is... Is she gone?

Party Time!

Break out the champagne!!! Bring out the dancers!!!! Serve the cake!!! Where's the damn confetti?!
I've been planning this for years.

Let the strippers out of the secret...

I suppose I should have fed them...
You think they'll charge you for those 3 years?

EH, I think they'll be dead by- Oh! Hey Skate! Pick up that phone! Call some new strippers! We just got rid of a debt! Ahh!! One grabbed my hand!!! *hits with boat paddle* Die! Die! Die!!!!

OK...NOW we're free of a debt.
Your strippers have arrived !
There's only one!
do you mean like THE highlander?
um MULTI- strip LOL
Lithium Rain (author) 9 years ago
I officially have it. It STINKS! I can't sleep, I'm in pain...this is no fun at all. I have spots everywhere...I even think I have one in my throat. :(
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