Goodhart Attack!!!

Well its happening, The Pun Master is taking over the forums, many have tried to match his witty puns but all have failed...

(not my computer (its my friend's))

Picture of Goodhart Attack!!!
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Saturn V7 years ago
I'm not as punny as goodheart, but I'm getting there.
Doctor What9 years ago
I love goodhart's puns. Especially the first one I saw... When I was still an Ible novice.
I don't suppose you remember it, do you ? (I certainly don't LOL)
Favorite goodhart quote: "Nope, sorry I don't want a piece of that Pi LOL Ah, yes....sometimes I nearly make myself sick with my awful puns :-)"
Goodhart9 years ago
I just had some extra time on my hands, and no "suitable" container for my latest project yet :-)
Well... you do have over 11,000 comments.
bumpus (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
aaah, i see
Goodhart bumpus9 years ago
I need that container, or something to mod to contain it, so it is not just the mass of wires and 2 PC boards, speaker, and mic all wired together like a rat's nest. :-)
Gjdj3 Goodhart9 years ago
You should try sampling containers from places like PACTEC. That's where I got a project box for my latest project. Oh, and what's your latest project going to be? Or did you already do it? Or is it a secret? Or am I asking too many questions? Lol.
Goodhart Gjdj39 years ago
The latest project is nearly finished, the hacking of the digital voice recorder from Radio Shack that almost works...I used the housing for the speaker (an old PC speaker) as the "project box". It is published and needs only an extention for the slide Volume control, and a place for the 9v battery.
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