Google+ Hangout - Build Night Q&A/Feedback/Suggestions

Write Up From Google Hangout

We are hosting a google+ hangout to answer questions, take suggestions, and get general feedback on the build night program. If your makerspace has participated in a build night or plans on participating in the future you are invited to attend. This is open to all members of your makerspace community - so be sure to let your community know!

Carley and Mike, both Instructables staff members, will go over a few topics (listed below) and take live questions.

Instructables Representatives:
Carley Jacobson (Business Development + Partnerships Manager): Carley is the creator of the build night program and is constantly seeking out new ways to support the maker community. She connects companies that make cool products to the Instructables community through contests, build nights, sponsorship, and other programs.

Mike Warren (Play Editor and Community Manager): Ever contact Instructables service, info, or support e-mail accounts? If so, you most likely received a response from Mike. He has helped hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people post excellent Instructables and has contributed 120 Instructables himself.

Join in for one of the following times. We will be on google air so both sessions will be recorded and posted to the Instructables Youtube account.

Tuesday, July 30
SESSION 1: 9-10am PST (4pm UTC)
SESSION 2: 6-7pm PST (1am UTC)

How to Join:
Check the google+ air broadcasts and search for the hangout titled “Instructables Build Night Q&A” and you can opt into the hangout. This won't be live until the time of the event.

General Schedule:
  1. Build Night and Makerspaces on Instructables: Carley [5-10 mins]
  2. Instructables Best Practices: Mike [5-10 mins]
  3. Q&A: Mike + Carley [40 mins]
    • What types of problems have you encountered at your build nights?
    • Have you had issues uploading Instructables
    • Motivating people to upload Instructables
    • Suggestions for future build nights
    • Suggestions on how to improve build nights
    • Suggestions for how to engage makerspaces beyond build nights

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caitlinsdad3 years ago
Anything on the recorded sessions so we can watch? I had given up on trying to connect when it was live.
Carleyy (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago
Unfortunately I had issues figuring out how to record live. Below is a write up of everything that was discussed. Feel free to add comments with more suggestions! We will be hosting another at the end of August and I will work on making sure that is recorded!

Goodhart3 years ago
ugh, my hours....
Carleyy (author) 3 years ago
Link to the 6pm event:

Carleyy (author) 3 years ago
Link to 9am event: https://plus.google.com/events/c1jhs61bk25obrdedgsnda026dk?hl=en&partnerid=gplp0&authkey=COvH8KnrhMfqQw
Carleyy (author) 3 years ago
I'm getting excited for this tomorrow :D
M.C. Langer3 years ago
Muy bien, mis espacios de habla hispana! espero que ustedes también participen!
the link ? plis :D
"How to Join:
Check the google+ air broadcasts and search for the hangout titled “Instructables Build Night Q&A” and you can opt into the hangout. This won't be live until the time of the event."