Google Jump/Re-direct "Virus" Help!!

Has anyone else had issues the last few days, with an Adware/Trojan which re-directs links and addresses? I have delt with them before yet this one seems particularly nasty. Not only does it re-direct every link in all search engines to random sites it also blocks many if not all sites associated with adware removal tools/tech support etc. Example: HJ this is not attainable to send techs logs. I can't get to my email because wont open. It begun as just a simple re-direct script but it seems the sites which I have been re-directed to are flooding my comp with ad-ware/fake virus removal tools/security warnings. One of the spawning virus's has managed to remove my "task bar" and "My computer" from the desktop. My comp is just spawning trojans and adware at the moment, every time I do a full scan there is atleast 40 more spawned by the time it is finished (15min). At the moment the only thing I have is Super Anti Spyware, which the guys there are obvious on this as their 15min updates seem to be catching the new creations... But I'm fighting a loosing battle here... I know it is probably beyond most here to help me, yet I was more interested to see if any one else has been affected, as the site that I can get to for tech assistant is flooded out with... "Another Google re-direct Virus Help!" in their forums... Google has to be PO'd about this one.

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deaf2588 years ago
Looks like there is a new version of Google Ads trojan! Found it here on
yourcat9 years ago
My dad's a computer tech, if any with this problem happen to be in the nebraska panhandle area, maybe I could get you some help.
gazzo9 years ago
i think its an add-on go to tools click manage add-ons then click enable or disable look for name D or file mwb23880.dll and disable it worked for me
Any news, is your computer ok now?
Lftndbt (author)  lordofthedonuts9 years ago
Yes it is thankyou. I managed to get to my hotmail via Firefox. Opera and IE were blocking it. That allowed me to get my BBS forums password and return there for assistance. with 2 hours of getting back on their forums, a volunteer (Geri) managed to remove any traces of it. This was done by removing all suspicious entries HJ this found and Geri supplied a renamed copy of Combo fix (because the wiruses will not let you download anything associated with viruses removal). Combo fix is what you need to null the anti download part of the virus. Once Combo fix killed the root entry, it allowed me to download, MBAM and RSIT. MBAM removed the rest of the Malware and the system was restored. So in answer to your question yes, everything is good now. Thanks for your interest/support.
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Lftndbt (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
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I have the same problem, (without the removal of stuff though) now it's worse I can't even go on Google... I've found that it's what's called a "Browser Hijacker" and well it's pretty nasty stuff. I can't get rid of it. And I unfortunately did not made any system save for a restore...
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