Google trends for instructables

I heard about this new thing, google trends works for websites! So I tried it out on instructables.

Here are the results.

They are very interesting. If google adds more functionality, and more search parameters and data, as they are wont to do with new toys that spring up in the labs, this could turn into an invaluable tool for website owners.

For example, this shows that the overwhelming majority of visitors to the site are either from the US or the UK, followed by, of all places, india. Instructables top ten competitors (the other sites visited by people who visited instructables, ranked in order of same-user hits) are,,,,,,,,, and

Picture of Google trends for instructables
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coolz9 years ago
why do people in Thailand like me so much?
Labot20019 years ago
I find this most disturbing...
. Beware of Latvian cyber-stalkers
I know! Perhaps I'm wanted in their country?

They found out...
Hide the boxes! Drink the rum! Where's Waldo?!
Lithium Rain (author)  Labot20019 years ago
Looks like you have an admirer! Wait, does Labot mean something else perhaps?
"Labot" has several meanings in Latvian, all of which are VERY strange:

blue pencil, correct, amend, mend, repair, remedy, reclaim, rectify, tinker, redeem, chasten, castigate
Brennn109 years ago
I love Google Trends. My favorite is Spiderman and Batman.
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