Got An Anvil, W00T!... Now What

I was given a 2ft hunk of I beam for my bday (yesterday). Now what? I've got loads rebar, a nice steel bar pinched from a printer, this slab of steel 6inX1.5inX1/4in, and a big charcoal bbq pit. Any ideas for projects or on firing up the pit to get it hot enough? And how much fuel? Thanks!

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royalestel10 years ago
How about getting a second chunk of I-beam, and sealing the two together with peanut butter and gunpowder. Then see how high you can blow the sucker! (It's a classic gunpowder game.)
I don't get it. Sounds fun.
KentsOkay (author)  royalestel10 years ago
Umm... no, I kinda need the piece i have....
Oh, it wouldn't destroy the anvils at all. Just blows one high in the sky and then it drops down with a thud (don't stand near the anvil when setting it off).
For this to work I think you need the cavity in the bottom of your anvil from where they forged the base. My Fischer is much flatter on the bottom than a forged anvil. The guy I learned from was there when someone did this and the weld between the body and the base of the anvil broke. The body fell over onto the ground and the base went on to nearly kill someone. (Missed by about three feet, or so he says.)
Patrik Austringer10 years ago
Heh - I just had to see this. Here's a video I found:

Given how high that anvil flew into the air - can you imagine what would have happened if something had gone wrong, and it went sideways?
royalestel Patrik10 years ago
Heh. Makes me laugh every time.
Austringer Patrik10 years ago
It looks like they milled that first one (the one with the plexiglass or whatever on the bottom) out or something to give it more of a kick, but yeah, that's pretty much it. The angle of the force equals the angle of the reaction thing pretty much keeps if from going sideways, but in the case I mentioned, a lot of the force went one way early on and well....
texasratt128 years ago
Load it with gunpowder and launch it into the air lol
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